****** ATTENTION PLEASE ******

All Voltage Inc's CGs in this blog have been removed because Voltage Inc. has strictly for all their CGs now. So this blog will follow their rule. but the Walkthrough can still upload the same. 

You can follow all CG on Tumblr

Thank for your all following!!!

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  1. A Voltage blog on Tumblr (http://partheno.tumblr.com/) got in contact with Voltage about the CG's. You can post them, they just don't want people to copy the whole story dialogue word for word and post it. They say that they won't ask you to remove them just as long as you don't post the story word for word. So its weird that they asked you to remove them as they said to her that she doesn't have to remove them. You put a lot of hard work into posting them and I am definitely going to miss them in your blog. I adore you blog and I'm on it so many times during the day. So thank you very much for this amazing blog 😊

  2. They say it's okay to post on Tumblr but the other can't (FB or Blogger) TT

    Thanks for your support!